Blackmon Mooring Testimonial

I have known and worked with Ricky Lee for over 15 years. Ricky has come to our rescue on more than one occasion. Ricky Lee always has a “sense of urgency” that sets him apart from other companies. Our business operates 24 hours a day and when the need arises we expect immediate response in order to take care of our customers. Ricky and his team have always answered the call right away and performed whatever task we asked to complete. Ricky’s knowledge and understanding in electrical work have been demonstrated many times in order to work in a safe work environment. Ricky will always do what is right and never risk the safety of others.


We have built a strong partnership based on integrity and trust. Ricky Lee and his team are always there for us and I would highly recommended him and his company.


Thank You,

Jimmy Wollard

Director of Operations