Texas Disaster Restoration Testimonial

Temp Power has been an outstanding company to work with. We partner up with them on a very regular basis for the dry out of our customers. They are happy to come out on a small job at any time of the day or night as well as happy to come out on a large job.


They're so willing to help that we are doing a large loss right now that includes several panels & long cords for power and a generator that they have provided us with. The customer has asked that we roll up all equipment every morning at 6 am and reset the equipment at 8:30 pm so that we don't interrupt their business. Temp Power Reps Marco, Shawn and Victor have come out at each of those times and rolled up their equipment and then set it back up. That is dedication and customer service to make sure we are taken care of in my opinion.


Ricky and Marco themselves have even come to our shop and given a lesson on Electrical Safety for us and our customers. They will help set up our equipment at times when we need the help.


Last, the biggest sign of a great group of people, is when I had a customer who was told she had a cap on the amount of money the insurance was going to pay for the whole job she was crying and had no idea what she was going to do. I gave the lady a huge discount so she would not owe anything out of pocket and told Temp Power (Ricky) of the situation. He at that point offered his bill at half price. When he gave that offer he proceeded with “is that good or do you need more of a discount”. Half was plenty and I knew right then that this is the team that I want to do jobs with.


Thank you and best regards

Brock Shelton

Texas Disaster Restoration

Senior Project Manager